On a journey to bring change in my society

"I am inspired by the brave Maasai Warriors and cricket stars, such as Sonyanga Ole Ng'ais, who use their position and influence to demand protection for their sisters"
HEY! my name is Sonyanga Ole Ng’ais, I am a Filmmaker & a photographer and I love telling stories. I am an egalitarian who is on a journey to bring positive change in my community by ending retrogressive cultural practices in our societies. I Hope you will learn something from me and I welcome you to join forces with me.
Sonyanga Ole Ngais
Filmmaker & Communications Specialist

As seen THROUGH my eyes

Thomas Mann said that, a writer is a person for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.

Oratioti le nkisuma kintadaraa

Maasai Cricket Warriors

The Maasai Cricket Warriors are Maasai youth from Laikipia in Kenya who have dropped their spears for cricket bats. Through cricket development within rural Maasailand we wish to empower youth by tackling social problems to bring about positive change.

Maasai Cricket Ladies

The Maasai Cricket Ladies Team was founded in 2013 by a  group of young female members of a Maasai community in Nairobi, Kenya.  With the support of  Maasai Cricket Warrior Sonyanga Ole Ngais, the Maasai Cricket Ladies use cricket to give themselves a voice for equal gender rights, education for girls, and an end to Female Genital Mutilation.

Mentors On Tour

These are the three most important words in the Mentors On Tour vocabulary.

films featured

Warriors film

Warriors is a documentary following a group of young Maasai who, in a remote region of Kenya, have remarkably formed a cricket team. They relate the sport to their traditional hunting techniques – the ball is the spear, the bat is the shield – and their flowing red robes in full flight are an awesome sight.

the journey is the destination

Photographer Dan Eldon, was only 22 when he was killed by an angry mob in Somalia. He left behind 17 scrapbooks that held his art, chronicling his life from age 14. His work, seen in Time and Newsweek, showed only part of his talent.

African Drivers (lions lights story)

African Drivers “Lion Lights Story” is a documentary about a young Masaai’s story and the efforts to conserve wildlife and nature. The documentary is still being screened on festivals around the world. It won several awards and recognition. Narrated from a Safari driver’s point of view.

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I make vlogs of my filmmaker/photographer life and I put my concentration into every video I make. Hope you will learn something from me. Enjoy.

The Eye Leaves The Village Sees Further

Exploring the world widens ones horizon, I believe films and travelling are synonymous in achieving the latter.
sonyanga ole ng'ais

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